Can baking soda whiten your teeth safely

Baking Soda

The most commonly used home remedy to whiten your teeth is baking soda. But together with its popularity, the question arises, “Can baking soda whiten the teeth safely”?

One can rely on baking soda as it is safe to remove surface stains from the enamel. But you should be very careful while using it as it can damage the tooth as well. Here are some tips that will give a very clear picture in your mind about baking soda being safe or not.

Method: Make a paste by mixing it with water, and gently massage it on your teeth for about 2-3 minutes. Hence baking soda will whiten your teeth safely.

Pro Tips by Teeth Masters:

  1. Don’t overthink the rule “The More The Better”: If baking soda is used more than twice a week, it will increase teeth sensitivity and your teeth will become more prone to cavities.
  2. Brushing techniques matter: You are not supposed to brush your teeth very aggressively as it will damage your teeth. Always brush your teeth gently with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  3. Rinse out your mouth thoroughly after brushing: Baking soda should be completely out of the mouth as its residue can damage the gums and the enamel.
  4. It has abrasive nature: Its great at removing built-up plaque and surface stains, but it can whiten the teeth around 1-2 shades.
  5. Don’t use baking soda if you wear braces: Most braces contain orthodontic glue and in some cases, they use a permanent retainer. In this case, baking soda will soften the glue and can damage your braces as well.
  6. Don’t completely rely on baking soda: Baking soda is a good home remedy to whiten your teeth but it isn’t an alternative to your regular toothpaste. It can kill bacteria and prevent dental cavities but it doesn’t contain fluoride, so you still need to use your regular toothpaste.

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